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Aadrutha Kanchi nilayam aadhyaam aarooda youvana topaam,
Aagama vathamsa kalikam , aananda adwaitha kandhalim vande.

"I bow to the non dual joy who is like the red Kandhali flower,
Who resides in the venerable town of Kanchipuram,
Who is filled with the ascending pride of youth,
And who is the bud of Vedas called Upanishads

The renowned City Of Kancheepuram is well known for its sacred heritage as "Nagareshu Kanchi". The holy hamlet, Vada Iluppai is situated around 16 kms, from the west of kancheepuram, on the road connecting Kanchi and Arcot. Buses ply from both Kancheepuram and Arcot, every one hour till 7.00 pm , beyond which commuting is difficult. Devotees can stay in Kancheepuram and then resume their journey. Vada Iluppai is also celebrated as "Madhuga Shethram","Dindima Kavi Shethram" and "Brahma Vidhyapuram".

Thirupugazh reputed Saint, Shri Arunagirinatha Swamy, has sung in praise of Vada Iluppai as "Anybody who wishes freedom from rebirth should eternally worship Vada Iluppai".
The religious saint, Kanchi Kamakoti Maha Periyava has offered His worship numerous times ( around 350 times) in this sacred place. Lastly in 1984, before Vasanth Panchami, Kanchi Periyava has stayed for one week here and performed puja in this place. Goddess Kamakshi offered Her Divine Presence to Kanchi periyava in this Holy Sanctorum.

This Sanctified temple has been visited by many Gnanis, Gurus, Saints , Vidhwans etc. As per the words of Shri Chandrasekara Saraswathi Swamigal,Goddess Kamakshi lives perpetually here and offers Her Omnipotent blessings to mankind. Eminent saints like Thapovanam Gnanaananda Swamigal, Sheshadri Mahan , Poondi Mahan , Sri Arunagirinadha Swamigal have offered their pujas here.
According to Mahans, Gopura Nirmanam- the management of temple gopuram can be sought only by those, who are bestowed with such a blessing in their birth horoscope. As per the Holy orders of the Goddess along with the blessings of many Gnanis, Saints, the construction work of Sri Swarna Aakarshana Bhairavar with other Devathas has been commenced on the Holy star "Anusham" of Sri Guru. Separate sannadhi's for Sri Marundeeswarar, Sri Kamakshi, Sri Anjaneya , Sri Iyyappa along with other deities is nearing completion. Compound wall has been planned and is to be erected for this temple.

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